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Xin Siyuan full leather sofa series costumes listed , start the national investment

点击次数:1397 更新时间:2014-11-14

International top home production and marketing enterprises in Guangzhou Xin Siyuan household items in March 2011 launched a high-end full leather series, started the investment nationwide .

According to the person in charge of the whole Paper Series brand introduced the all- new push Siyuan Xin Paper Series Siyuan Xin maintained consistent fashion, simple and innovative product design ; designed for domestic pursuit of exquisite , elite taste, lifestyle offer high quality furnished living room at home . The new series of sofas will use all of the top imported Italian leather , while the interior wooden , sponge, spring and designs the company is still used in many years of exploration and development of the core technology manufacturing . Ensure that each sofa are highlighted distinguished customers .

Xin Siyuan brand since its inception in 2000 , has been at the sleek, minimalist home front. Been a number of domestic consumers. Become widely recognized as the home of the first domestic fashion brands . The company in the past decade has developed a high-end plate of the health of the brand, young fashion fabric sofa liters search brand , furniture series , home textiles , wardrobe series. Have taken a great success , and enrich the domestic consumer demand for European minimalism home culture . After 2010 research and testing , to once again raise this year on the basis of Xin Siyuan , launched a new high texture and taste of the living room at home products.

Xin Siyuan sales person in charge told reporters , full leather series has started investment in the country , very strict requirements for dealers . Give priority to existing dealers to join Siyuan Xin needs , but must meet the requirements of the company's position in the store , management strength , local reputation , warehousing and distribution capacity and sales team and so on. Many regions have now identified distributors, store renovation began .

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